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Eden Bekele


Eden Bekele has been working in the nutrition field for the last twenty years as a health coach. She has worked in different capacities in the Public health sector as well as nonprofit. She has worked with high-risk patients such as; gestational diabetes, HIV AIDS, Infant and children with complicated health issues, overweight and obese children. At the nonprofit organization, she has been managing nutritional, clinical, and pharmaceutical content that is provided for people living with or caring for a person with diabetes. Over the years Eden has always had a special place for children and their health. Eden believes that we need to teach them young about making healthy choices whether it is nutrition, physical activity, or choices that impact their life in general. Children given the right guidance are the most compliant clients/patients you could ever ask for. However, for Eden, this has been a huge gap that needed to be filled. If healthy behaviors are taught young they will be part of them for life. We are seeing more and younger children, teens, and young adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, and even blood pressure. The onset of these lifestyle diseases is being diagnosed at a much younger age. She believes that the younger you teach them the healthier lifestyle they would lead in the future. This and many more reasons have propelled her into starting her nutrition consulting and health coaching for children’s business.

“If changes are to be made in the life of a family we must include the children as part of the changes.”

Eden Bekele
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