Dr. Clarisse Loe Loumou

Dr. Clarisse Loe Loumou

Dr. Clarisse Loe Loumou is a pediatric doctor who graduate from Louvain Catholic University with 28 years of experience, including 14 years in Frenchs peaking Africa with expertise in Pediatrics, Nutrition, and Advocacy for the global health and health of the child, networking, and accompaniment and coaching of Organizations and networks of civil society. Clarisse has competence in public and private practice, particular in the care of disabled children and Nutrition.

Clarisse is easily adaptable to low and high resource environments; (Sub-SaharanAfrica and Europe). For several years Clarisse has been working on the creation of networks, support and coaching of organizations for predefined results. Its representation of civil society has different regional and global levels with GAVI CSO Constituency since 1995, and as a member of the GAVI ALLIANCE since 2011 on the Civil Society representations in various committees. Clarisse has been Co-Chair of the CSO-ITWG (CSO Technical Group for Polio Integration and Transition) in concert with the UN Foundation since 2020. Clarisse hosted the UNITED NATIONS FOUNDATION as a Volunteer. Together with the Chair they bring the group’s thoughts and resources on CSO participation in an optimal polio transition, particularly in priority countries. Currently, Clarisse coaches 2 organizations in the DRC and Ethiopia to set up an advocacy strategy for the national consideration of the issues around the integration and transition of polio via grants of more than $100,000 each.

Dr Clarisse Loe Loumou
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