Strip Diabetes

Diabetes Treatment Options

Where To Start

Part of treating the diabetes involves having a team of specialists that will customize a treatment plan for you. This team will include you the patient and your family, your primary healthcare provider, a diabetes educator and registered dietician all working closely to ensure your sugar level remain close to normal as much as they can. Part of a team working closely with our patient is a strong referral team ready to absorb.

Diabetes is managed through proper meal planning, exercise and, if needed, medication. Your healthcare provider will monitor your level of blood sugar, cholesterol, A1C, and triglycerides. It is important to keep these values as normal as possible.

Diabetes is controlled with:
  • Insulin
  • Medicine taken by the mouth
  • Insulin or other injectable medications
  • Meal planning
  • Exercise (physical activity)
  • Weight management
  • Avoiding long-term complications
Diabetes Treatment Options