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Diabetes Monitoring &
Blood Pressure

Things Every Diabetic Should Know

Every diabetes patient should know how to perform Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose (SMBG); it refers to home testing of blood glucose levels by diabetes patients. The glucometers, lancets and strips allow people to measure their blood sugar levels within minutes in ease and convenience wherever they are. Self- management is the cornerstone of overall diabetes care. Self-management gives people the freedom to choose a lifestyle not dictated by diabetes. People should learn to self-monitor their blood glucose levels, interpret the results and know how to respond to them.

Monitoring the daily blood glucose help.
  • To assist in decision making regarding daily activities and food choices
  • To determine if high blood glucose (hyperglycemia) is present
  • To determine if low blood glucose (low blood glucose) is present
  • To indicate the effectiveness of current management
  • Education about blood glucose is important for glycemic control