Diabetes Management California. Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects millions of people across America. Diabetes involves blood glucose (or blood sugar) levels that are too high; this occurs when one’s pancreas does not produce enough insulin–a hormone that regulates blood glucose–or when one’s body cannot effectively use the insulin produced. November is Diabetes Awareness Month in the United States. The month is dedicated to rallying against the disease through advocacy, research, and fundraising efforts.


Diabetes has three main types: Type 1, Type 2, and gestational diabetes (a type that can develop in pregnant women who have never had diabetes). It can damage different parts of the body when not addressed, including the eyes, kidneys, nerves, and heart. It is important for diabetics to manage blood glucose levels, as well as blood pressure and cholesterol, to prevent diabetes-related health impacts. Having a healthy lifestyle is the first step towards battling the disease–habits that include eating a healthy diet, getting sufficient sleep, and being physically active all help.


A healthy diet is key when it comes to managing diabetes because different foods directly affect blood glucose levels. Carbohydrate counts and serving sizes are important considerations, as is coordinating meals around taking medications. It is necessary to understand basic nutrition and how to build well-balanced meals that won’t increase blood sugar too high.


Sleep is also important if you have diabetes. Why? Too little sleep can negatively affect diabetes management. Poor sleep has been linked to high blood sugar levels; research has shown possible impacts due to the effects sleep has on insulin, cortisol (the stress hormone), and oxidative stress. Bottom line: diabetes is harder to manage with too little sleep because it can cause increased insulin resistance, affect your hunger levels, raise blood pressure, and more.


Diabetes can be impacted by physical activity as well. When an individual is active, the cells in his or her body become more sensitive to insulin so it works more effectively to maintain lower blood glucose levels. Exercise helps the body get better at processing glucose, too. Many studies have shown the positive impact of physical activity on diabetes.


During National Diabetes Awareness Month, the focus is on how to support diabetics through advocacy and on finding a cure. There is no known cure for diabetes, which impacts more than 37 million people in the US. The physical, emotional, and social effects of the disease warrant increased resources and research.

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